Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Entrepreneurial action complying with ethical principles is one of the essential factors of our business activities. We are committed partners to our customers, as business partners and as goal-oriented managers who make decisions with long-term effects. We believe in social commitment, environmental awareness and fair cooperation as the foundation for our company and business affairs.

Credibility and integrity play an essential part in our success. All customers and business partners can expect and assume that we operate on the basis of high ethical standards and reliably fulfill our obligations as a fair and honest business partner.

Our goal is to reconcile economic, ecological and social responsibility in a sustainable manner. Environmental protection and socially responsible business ventures represent our mission. We support the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in terms of human rights, labor law, environmental protection and ethical business practices.


This Code of Ethics applies to all employees throughout the company, including the management of the companies belonging to the ATIS UHER Group. It sets minimum standards that should be exceeded whenever possible and serves as a basic requirement for any business relationship.

The standards described in this Code of Ethics are essentially based on the UN Charter on Human Rights, UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

In addition to the standards regulated here, the regulations of the “ICC Code of Conduct for Business – Fighting Corruption” apply.

Compliance with Antitrust Rules

In all business decisions and actions, the ATIS UHER Group complies with applicable national and international laws and other authoritative rules and regulations.

Our business partners are required to comply with all national legal requirements as well as the minimum social requirements of these standards of conduct. If provisions of national and international legislation, industry standards and the regulations of this Code of Ethics concern the same subject matter, the most stringent regulation shall apply.

Bribery and Corruption

We reject bribery and corruption in any form. The relevant legal regulations must be strictly observed. No employee may directly or indirectly provide unauthorized or unlawful benefits to business partners, their employees, officials and other officers or other third parties in connection with the awarding of contracts or the provision of other services.

Each employee of the ATIS UHER Group, including the management, shall in particular refrain from any conduct which, by its nature and scope, may be capable of improperly influencing actions and decisions of the recipient.

Antitrust Rules

It is the philosophy of the ATIS UHER Group to win contracts in fair competition. The focus is on innovative quality and price advantages, and any price and quantity agreements or sham offers with competitors are rejected.

In compliance with the guidelines of national and international antitrust law, the ATIS UHER Group and its employees are committed to fair and open competition in the markets. No company or employee shall engage in unlawful and/or criminal practices, such as bid rigging in violation of law, that exclude, restrict or distort competition.


Company and business secrets are always treated confidentially. This shall also apply to other information in the confidentiality of which the ATIS UHER Group, its contractual partner or customer has an interest. Such information may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons without permission. This obligation continues for our employees even after termination of the employment or employment relationship.