Lawful Interception, Big Data, IT Forensics and Biometric Analysis

Intelligent, turnkey and data protection-compliant solutions for investigating authorities to combat and solve serious crimes

Big data analysis

Analyze large amounts of data from different sources in real time

Klarios Fusion was developed for the complex and ever-growing challenges of law enforcement agencies. Our innovative solution aggregates large amounts of data from different sources and makes it possible to process, visualize and analyze information in real time. This results in significantly faster and more comprehensive results.

Lawful Interception

Collect, store and analyze outbound communication

Klarios Monitoring Center is an indispensable tool for security authorities as an integrated telecommunications monitoring system. It is the solution for recording, processing, analyzing and archiving voice and data communication. Our LI solution provides customers with a crucial building block for investigating and preventing serious criminal offenses in national and international cooperation.

Speaker Recognition

Save time with speaker recognition that can be used in court

Klarios Automatic Forensic Speaker Identification is our solution for recognizing persons in calls and videos. Our biometric algorithms are the fastest and most accurate on the market and allow speaker recognition in near real time. Automated detection enables security authorities to carry out quick and targeted investigations. Language experts and expert witnesses save valuable time when solving crimes.

Interception Management

Manage the monitoring of suspects or services

ATIS Interception Management System is a complex and flexible management system that covers the specific interception requirements of a variety of telecommunications network environments and manages the interception of suspects or services in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Facts about ATIS systems

Intelligence services and security authorities worldwide

Security and intelligence services around the world have been relying on our solutions for decades. Thanks to these long-standing partnerships, we are able to meet both national and international requirements. We know the country-specific requirements and regulations and are always up to date.

Rapid project completion and lifelong service

Thanks to numerous reference systems, we can react quickly and ensure the reliable and timely deployment of your systems. We guarantee first-class service throughout any project. From the planning phase to the long-term operation of the complete solution. Decades-long customer relationships all over the world are proof of the reliability of our guarantee.

Privately Owned

As a private company, we have been independent of external investors since the company was founded in 1946. This allows us to act freely in the interests of our customers and to provide them with customized, flexible and modular solutions.

A future-proof partner since 1946

Decades of experience in this dynamic market make us a highly reliable partner. With our extensive know-how, we can react quickly to changes and always offer our customers the best solution that is both legally compliant and future-proof. With us as a reliable partner, you can ensure constant support and further development of your system platforms and thus protect your investments.

Expert Committees

Technology. Progress. Future.

Communication services are evolving rapidly. Through our involvement in various expert committees, we are actively shaping the future and are always up to date with the latest knowledge about future technologies and communication structures.

ETSI member since 1998

ETSI is a recognized European Standardization Organization (ESO) dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services.

Bitkom member since 2012

Bitkom is committed to the digitization of the economy, society and public administration. Its focus is on the faster expansion of gigabit networks and digital infrastructure for energy and mobility, for commerce and smart homes, for cities and regions.

TeleTrusT member since 2017

The Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit eV (TeleTrusT) is a competence network that includes domestic and foreign members from industry, administration, consulting and science as well as thematically related partner organizations. TeleTrusT embodies the largest competence network for IT security in Germany and Europe.