Klarios Monitoring Center

The solution for law enforcement agencies with a highly efficient Analysis view

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Highly Efficient Analysis

35 years of development in cooperation with numerous authorities and public agencies all over the world make the Klarios Monitoring Center into the most powerful solution of its kind on the market today. The highly efficient advanced analysis view is specifically tailored to the needs of investigation agencies. Analysts and investigators now work smarter and faster thanks to this integrated holistic view for tactical and strategic analytics. To keep pace with the steady growth of telecom content worldwide, all intercepted data is stored and managed in one platform, enabling the efficient near real-time analysis of billions of records.

Analysis Functions
Geoinformationssystem 1


Visualize selected activities on a detailed map. Location hotspots can be identified using a heatmap. Movement profiles of the target, geofences with alert zones and geofilters optimize the analysis.

Profiling 1

Identity Management

Enrich the integrated person database with new information: A person can have multiple unique identities as soon as they appear in the system.

Volltextsuche 1

Full-Text Search

Find specific content in events and actions. By combining numerous search criteria, the desired content can be found quickly even in large amounts of data.

Netzwerkdiagramm 1

Network Diagram

The network diagram represents the connections between two selected navigators. For example, the diagram for the navigator values “Event type” and “Action status” shows which event types exist in which status.

Soziales netzwerkdiagramm 1

Social Network Diagram

Identify social networks and how their members are connected to each other by analyzing the strength of their connections, which is determined by the number of shared communications.

Beziehungsdiagramm 1

Relationship Diagram

The relationship diagram shows all filtered actions so that the relationships between the included persons or identity properties become evident.

Volltextsuche 1

Search Engine

Profiling 1


Statistiken 1


Reporting 1


Uebergabeschnittstellen 1

Transfer Interfaces

Klassifikation und Erkennung mittels KI 1

Classification and recognition using AI

Import 1


Export 1


Transkription 1


Sprechererkennung 1

Speaker Recognition

Fallverwaltung 1

Case Management

Geoinformationssystem 1

Geo Information System

System Architecture


  • Highly adaptive design to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies. Flexible and scalable to meet future needs.
  • Deployment in a virtual environment for optimized use of hardware resources and minimal installation effort.
  • Our unique design and flexible standards-based API allows access to any type of data for investigations.


  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • NGN
  • IP
  • 2G-5G


  • InfReq90/100/ESB
  • SINA
  • Case processing
  • ETSI handover
  • National legal frameworks
Key Advantages

Highly Available.
Load Balanced.

With virtualization technologies, we reduce your costs for energy, hardware and management services while increasing efficiency, productivity and system availability (>99.99%).


Meets today’s ever-growing requirements and allows the greatest flexibility by expanding the system’s functionalities, applications, capacities and interfaces.

Multi-Tenant Capable

Multiple agencies can work simultaneously as tenants on the same platform. The technnological tenant separation guarantees the protection of data and regulates access to it.

ETSI, 3GPP, National Legal Frameworks ...

Compliance with ETSI, 3GPP and national standards such as the German TR-TKÜV.


An intuitive user interface guides the user through connections and communication relationships. The analysis tools include visualizations of multidimensional data modelling and navigation operations (drill down, roll up), interactive maps, advanced search functions and dynamic timelines.

Compliant with Data Protection Laws

Based on the current guidelines on data protection for information security and security protection on various levels of confidentiality, our solution is designed to process recorded data with very high protection requirements in a compliant manner.


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