Klarios® Data Retention

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Klarios® Data Retention

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Telecommunications service providers rely on the Klarios® Data Retention system. Our turnkey solution contains the hardware and software needed to store, enrich, and efficiently analyse data from various sources. Naturally, this strictly conforms to the current data protection and security standards as well as to local legal frameworks.

Data Retention in Line With Statutory Requirements

Telecommunications and internet service providers are legally responsible for storing telephone call-related data, internet logs, and subscriber data for a legally defined time. Additionally, they must reply to enquiries from security authorities and provide them with the required data within an appropriate time frame.

You, too, can rely on the Klarios® Data Retention system.

Important advantages and features of Klarios® Data Retention:

  • Analysis of relationship networks and geographical positions as well as extensive filter and search options
  • Real-time analysis of mass data
  • Reception of data from various sources such as PSTN, ISDN, GSM, UMTS, LTE VoIP, NGN and IP networks
  • Enrichment of data with cell positions or information from other databases
  • Conforming to current data protection and security standards and adjustment to local legal frameworks.

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